Beliefs About Learning and Learners (Student Centred)

Learning Framework Belief 2
We support learning activities that engage student interest and motivation, because we believe that learners are the centre of the curriculum.

Which belief am I enacting?

I am of the view that teaching and learning are interchangeable for both the teacher and the student. The premise of both is to be focussed, engaged, flexible and to have formed an atmosphere conducive to learning. Students need to know that they are valued and that you have their best interests at heart. Once children know that you are 'not gammon', that is, you are genuine and are interested in their interests, family, and beliefs, and, as a reflection of these, have made allowances for that in your teaching programme. The result generally is that students will generally be motivated to learn and will engage in the learning experiences.

How am I enacting this belief?

At the end of each term, to celebrate the end of a teaching unit, we do a culminating experience, that showcases their skills and knowledge. There are two photos showing students being engaged in 2 different terms. The first being in the term 2 unit: 'Who are the nursery rhyme thieves?' and secondly, in term 3 in the culminating activity from 'the ugly bug ball', as part of the 'What lives in my garden?' unit.

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