Beliefs About Learning and Learners (Appropriate and Engaged Learners)

We seek ways to extend appropriate learning opportunities beyond existing boundaries, because we believe in developing the potential of every learner.

Which belief am I enacting?
Between the two year 1 classes we have a few children with different learning needs.  This has required a variety of teaching strategies and styles to ensure full engagement and maximum learning.

How am I enacting this belief?

This particular student requires extra support, particularly with anything that requires writing.  Being able to scribe what he thinks and knows is important as well as being able to have the option of recording his thoughts and understandings.  This is a recording of him with his drawing and of him sharing where he thought the sun went at night.  In addition, for the assessment task, the students were given options to answer the questions through recordings on the I-pad, making a poster or a booklet.  This student is obsessed with sea creatures, so I altered his task slightly to incorporate his interest.

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  1. Great to see support for students with diverse needs, Annette.